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Clinical Translation

Education and innovation

We believe that it is highly important to evaluate the developed technology in a realistic clinical environment to truly achieveĀ clinical translation and innovation. This will be facilitated by our close collaboration with fundamental scientists, translational researchers and clinicians from our partner medical centers. This 4TU program primarily aims to build and to evaluate a clinical proof of concept technology; large-scale implementation will be achieved in collaboration with industrial partners. The consortiumā€™s PIā€™s have an eminent track-record in public-private partnerships (Horizon 2020, NWO-TTW OTP and Perspectief, ITEA research programs, UT and TU/e Impuls programs). This has led to multiple examples of large-scale valorisation (see attached vitae) which is also foreseen for precision medicine technology.

Imaging techniques and machine learning are essential, high-level subjects in theĀ educational programsĀ of the 4TU. We expect that the new techniques developed through our program will provide indispensable contributions by offering these new insights. Moreover, we foresee that the program will be at the basis of a specialized minor or Master-track into precision imaging and data analysis that will be shared between the TUs and associated partners. Furthermore, we anticipate that the richness of the program will appeal to BSc, MSc, as well as PhD students and facilitate that they can engage in associated research projects. The advanced position of Master interns of Technical Medicine (UT) and Medical Engineering (TU/e) inĀ UMCs and top-clinical centers will play a pivotal role in translation to the clinical workfloor. During the course of this program they will also be joined by the first Clinical Technology graduates from Delft.