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The FIRE Symposia Series awarded funding for 4TU.NIRICT call Community Funding 2023

Thursday, 1 June 2023

In February 2023, the 4TU.NIRICT centre launched theĀ 4TU.NIRICT call Community Funding 2023 to strengthen and support collaboration among researchers and practitioners of the 4TU.NIRICT community, increasing the impact of ICT research in The Netherlands. This call therefore explicitly aims to support all activities that help in strengthening the 4TU.NIRICT community and enable this community to start-up new research ventures by using this funding.
The call is continuous, and applications can be submitted until the budget is depleted.
Read more about the application guidelines and procedureĀ here.

4TU.NIRICT has already received a number of proposals and so far one proposal has been awarded funding:

The FIRE Symposia Series: FPGA Innovation Research Exchange

High-performance computing and data analytics (HPCDA) are currently driven by an increasing demand for computing and sustainability, which has largely favored GPUs due to their high performance and reasonable energy efficiency. FPGAs offer greater flexibility and energy efficiency, but have received less attention, despite their benefits. Our goal is to create a community to boost the research and use of FPGA technology for HPCDA. The community will unite researchers in HPC, electrical engineering, computational science, data science, and performance engineering, and will collect and explore applications, tools, and best-practices for using FPGAs in HPCDA. To reach this ambitious goal, we propose FIRE (FPGA Innovation Research Exchange), a platform that brings together FPGA experts and potential FPGA users in the Netherlands. The NIRICT grant will be used to organize a series of three technical symposia over a period of 12 months, while a fourth FIRE symposium will mark the launch of the FIRE platform, which will materialize as a know-how and know-who repository of national FPGA research in HPCDA.

The goal of 4TU.NIRICT is to strengthen and support collaboration among researchers and practitioners of the 4TU institutes working in the ICT domain. It promotes cross-disciplinary collaboration beyond institutional boundaries, as well as the diversity and inclusion of the Dutch ICT research community. In this way it intends to increase the impact of ICT research in The Netherlands.