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Thursday, 15 September 2022

                        Invitation and registration 4TU.NIRICT Community Day 

                                                                                                         – 14 November 2022 - 

                                                                                                 4TU.NIRICT Community Day 

                                                                                                 Van der Valk Hotel Utrecht 

                                                                                           (Winthontlaan 4, 3526 KV Utrecht) 


We would like to invite all staff members related to the 4TU.Netherlands Institute for Research on ICT to participate in the 2022 4TU.NIRICT Community Day. This community meeting will offer the chance to meet with your 4TU colleagues, in an interactive and diverse program.  

We have identified 3 themes around which we would like to bring NIRICT researchers together to discuss and to explore per theme the opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration. The themes are related to the societal challenges we are currently facing and require interdisciplinary effort in order to be addressed effectively. We believe that productive discussions during the event could be instrumental in forming new research lines, but also project consortia around various national R&D investment programs addressing the knowledge and innovation agenda’s (KIAs) of the Netherlands (  

Themes of the day: 

·         Health and ICT 
People live longer, more healthcare is needed. Work pressure in healthcare is rapidly increasing. More data is collected by smart devices. How can the ICT community contribute solutions to keep our society healthy? 

·         Energy and ICT 
The current explosion of the energy prices shows that we are facing an unstable situation with respect to energy production and consumption. We produce more solar energy on one hand and consume more energy due to air conditioners and electric cars. We need smart solutions both in production and consumption. Moreover, due to its significant share in energy consumption, ICT systems from the end user devices to power-hungry data centers need to become more energy efficient.  

·         Agriculture and ICT 
We just had another summer with extreme heat waves and droughts. The climate changes we are facing have tremendous consequences for agriculture. The population is growing and the pressure on nature is increasing. What smart solutions do we see to deal with the challenges to keep our planet healthy and at the same time to keep the food production in line with the population growth? 

The Community Day starts at 12:30hrs with a walk-in lunch. At 13:30hrs the official part will start with a number of short presentations, followed by several parallel sessions regarding the three themes of the day. You can indicate your preference on the registration form. Afterwards there will be a networking drink from 17:00-18:00hrs.  

It would be great to welcome many of you on November 14th, because together we strengthen the ICT community of The Netherlands, so join us for the 4TU.NIRICT Community Day 2022, November 14, in Van der Valk Hotel Utrecht and register here by November 6, 2022. 

Your data will only be used for registration and will be discarded within one week after the 4TU.NIRICT Community Day. 
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