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Cyber Security

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Cyber Security

The war on cyber crime will not be won with technology alone. The problems that we read about in the newspapers everyday, such as the NSA affair, and the issues of the recent past, such as StuxNet and the DigiNotar collapse, all indicate that our understanding of Cyber Security is still limited. We know that the root cause of all these incidents is a combination of technological failure and human error or malicious behavior, but we are largely unable to prevent such incidents. And these are just the problems of today. The world is changing fast, providing evermore opportunities for crime and error. For example, the “bring your own device” trend puts corporate information on devices managed not by professionals, but by amateurs. This increases the risk of data breaches and data manipulation. The trend of data outsourcing in the cloud puts data in the hands of service providers who reside in different jurisdictions. This jeopardizes the ability of the data owner to exercise legal control over its own data. And as a last example, smart grids provide ample opportunity for fraud, and even social disruption if the privacy and security issues of such systems are not well addressed.

Cyber security raises a number of fundamental questions such as:

To address these problems requires close collaboration of researchers in information and communication technology,  mathematics, management science, and behavioural science.

The 4TU Cyber Security partners bring together expertise in the key areas that together provide the necessary foundation for addressing the problems mentioned below.


UT focuses on the socio-technical issues of Cyber Security as well as on Network Security. TU/e focuses on Trust Management, Cryptography, and Security and Privacy by design. TUD focuses on Situational awareness, Risk management, Security and Privacy by design and Privacy enhancing technologies.

There is significant cooperation between the research groups of the 3TU partners, for example in the COMMIT project (Privacy enhancing technologies) and in EU FP7 projects (Risk management). In all current projects there is strong cooperation with government and industry.

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