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Re-Printing Architectural Heritage

As scientists in private and public settings develop new technologies for 3D scanning and 3D printing at theĀ scale of paintings, ornaments, building parts, they encounter questions related both to technical possibilitiesĀ and usability of 3D printing at the scale of the building with high resolution. We are convinced that theseĀ developments can propel technological, heritage and architectural design discussions forward in each field and in connection to each other. We propose a pilot that includes high-definition scanning and 3D printing of a pilot structure, the Hippolytuskerk Middelsum, at a building scale that challenges high-precision 3D printingĀ developed for paintings to take on the building scale, its multiple dimensions and materials, and to connect toĀ heritage specialist and designers to rethink the applicability of the new technique in academia, practice andĀ education.


Delft University of Technology C. Hein,Ā Ā Dr. M. Turrin,Ā Ā Prof.dr. Joris Dik

Eindhoven University of Technology J. Bekkering

ing V. Vanhecke
Stichting Oude Groninger Kerken
Jur Bekooy