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Happy Senior Living

In the Netherlands the number of elderly (65+) is growing quickly and is likely to reach 4.5 million ‚Äst25% of the population - by 2040. In some regions near the borders of the country every third person¬†will be older than 65 by 2040. Moreover, half of the 65+ population will consist of people aged 80¬†and higher.¬†The construction sector anticipates on these developments by designing smart homes with domotica¬†to meet the special needs of the 65+ group. Just as important as designing smart domotica is the¬†choice of the location where this home is situated and the type of dwelling.¬†But what are the actual preferences of the elderly?¬†A wrong choice of¬†the location and/or housing type may lead to a failure of the whole construction project. Think for¬†instance about the elderly town Blauwestad that was designed to arise in Groningen in the middle of¬†beautiful nature, but failed to attract a sufficient number of buyers.

The project we propose aims at designing two or three 65+ best neighbourhood living concepts, based on multidisciplinary research into location and housing preferences of elderly. These concepts will consist of: neighbourhood attributes most attractive for the elderly and building blocks that fit architecturally within these neighbourhoods. We will test the feasibility of the designed neighbourhood concepts in a pilot for a specific city.


Eindhoven University of Technology
Prof. dr. Theo Arentze, Dr. Ioulia Ossokina

Delft University of Technology
Prof. dr. Dick van Gameren, Dr. ir. Dirk van den Heuvel