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4TU.Built Environment strategy 2022-2025 approved

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

The 4TU.Federation has approved the 4TU.Built Environment strategy and budget for 2022-2025. The focus will be on developing thematic research communities that participate in external programs and activities.

To start with, 4TU.Built Environment will coordinate the development of communities on five societal themes:

Thematic Communities

The internal communities will each develop a vision and determine a research agenda for that theme, in which collaboration with the construction innovation chain will be a focus point. In this way, 4TU.Built Environment hopes to contribute to both short- and long-term science.

4TU.Built Environment will support the internal communities in organizing new connections and by creating visibility in the network, for example by organizing meetings, supporting community activities and publishing developments and news.


4TU.Built Environment is looking specifically for connections with regional and national programs such as the Construction and Technology Innovation Center (BTIC) and the SER Core Team for the Labor Market and Education. Through these programmes, 4TU.Built Environment contributes to the development of talent at all levels (MBO, HBO, WO, PhD, PDEng, Postdoc, BEP, lateral entry).

With its new role, 4TU.Built Environment wants to create more visibility in the network and thus initiate in new research projects. New and Existing living labs can be a showcase for innovation and collaboration.