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The 4TU.Built Environment Center is a collaboration of the four universities of technologies in the Netherlands (Delft, Eindhoven, Twente, Wageningen)and underpins the main objectives of the 4TU.Federation, namely:

  1. Close collaboration between Dutch universities to increase competitiveness in international research and education.
  2. Focusing on research and education to sustain efficiency and scientific excellence.

The building departments of the universities of technologies are known to collaborate on many societal challenges at different levels. Successful initiatives such as theĀ Bouw & Techniek Innovatie Centrum (BTIC), now TopconsortiumĀ voorĀ KennisĀ en InnovatieĀ (TKI) Bouw & Techniek,Ā  are supported by 4TU.Built Environment Center. With 4TU.Built Environment, we aim to generate more impact by collaborating to solve societal challenges in the Built Environment.