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4TU Green Sensors Project Kick-off meeting

Wednesday, 27 September 2023
4TU Green Sensors Project Kick-off meeting 20230926

The kick-off meeting for the 4TU Green Sensors project was held on September 26, 2023, at Wageningen University and Research campus. Its welcoming season was already an interesting one, knowing each other and start building connections in the consortium with diverse expertise, including agricultural engineer, bio-nano technologist, robotics, network and microelectronics engineer. A visit to the research facility provided a taste of open field and greenhouse production systems, highly appreciated as it highlighted the complex nature of agri-food production systems for which the whole consortium should work hard for developing a beyond of the state of art biodegradable and soft sensing technology.  Partners presented their expertise and shared ideas during the first brainstorm session, supporting to connect multiple skills toward the central goal of Green Sensor project. In the second brainstorm session, four tenure tackers, the central keys of this project showcased their research backgrounds and proposed technologies fitting to the projects’ context. Despite the consortiums’ diversity, coordinating multiple expertise poses a challenge, yet it also holds the potential to develop complementary technologies, which was much valued by the end of the meeting.