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Design for Usability

The Design for Usability research project was set up to integrate the worlds of research and product development, looking specifically at development issues in the rapidly changing field of product development of electronic goods. The researchers delved into the issues of user-centred development, working on case studies and interviewing users, designers, manufacturers - everyone involved in the development chain. 

An exciting, innovative project involving the three Dutch universities of technology, design companies and leading electronic product development manufacturers. The results of five years of hard work are presented here; the methods and tools that will help designers and practitioners design and develop better, more user-friendly products. 

This book reflects this practitioner-centred attitude. 

It takes a hands-on approach, provides in-depth discussion of the new methods and tools, how to apply them and what the benefits are. It is richly illustrated throughout and provides links to online resources. It is a must-read for any student, designer and product developer with a passion for user-centred design.

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