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28 mei 2022
Nieuwe robots: geen harde ‘metalen mens’
NRC artikel over vakgebied ‚ÄėSoft Robotics‚Äô
1 jul 2021
4TU Interview | The soft touch of future robots
The team of the HTSF Soft Robotics programme are working on soft robots that are safer and better equipped to function in a human environment. This is a new specialisation that involves many fields of expertise.
1 jun 2021
Latest research Output
The latest research output of the 4TU Soft Robotics consortium can be found on this page.
3 feb 2020
Michael Wiertlewski and Aimée Sakes receive a Cohesion Grant
Micha√ęl Wiertlewski (TT in CoR-TUD) and Aim√©e Sakes (TT in BME-TUD) have been awarded a¬†cohesion grant by the faculty of 3mE of Delft University of Technology.¬†The main aim of the project is to¬†control the frictional properties of the catheter¬†in real-time, using ultrasonic friction modulation, to anchor a compliant catheter¬†inside the¬†body. The body of the catheter will exhibit high-friction with the biological tissues by default,¬†which provides support to maintain a certain position or to operate with high forces without¬†buckling, and can become near frictionless by engaging the ultrasonic actuation during¬†insertion and removal of the catheter.
22 okt 2019
Kick-Off Meeting of the Dutch Soft Robotics Consortium Big Success
Last Tuesday, we presented the plans of the Soft Robotics programme¬†to about 150 representatives from academia, industry and government. This was done in the¬†kick-off meeting¬†to the¬†4TU¬†funding initiative ‚ÄúHigh-tech for a sustainable future‚ÄĚ, held in The Hague. This initiative provided funding for tens of tenure track positions, to enable high-tech solutions for societal challenges such as health, safety, and food. Five research programs were funded by the 4TU federation in this context, and we are proud our¬†Soft Robotics programme¬†is one of them. The Soft Robotics research program lasts for 4 years, unites the efforts of the four technical universities in the Netherlands, and is led by colleague¬†Herman van der Kooij.
18 dec 2014
TU Delft submission wins best paper award
Xi Lin, PhD student under the guidance of Michael Wiertlewski, won the best paper award at the Soft Haptics workshop that took place during ICRA 2019 in Montreal, Canada. The paper is part of the special issue on Soft Haptic Interaction: Modeling, Design, and Application in the Robotics and Automation Letters and presents a novel method for measuring the distribution of the friction force over the contact area. This soft tactile sensor offers unique measurements that will drive the next generation of control strategy for robotic grasping and perception.