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Succesful kickoff project 4TU-Redesign

Friday, 14 April 2023

The kickoff for project 4TU-Redesign was a success

The kickoff meeting of 4TU-Redesign took place in Wageningen on 13 April 2023. The meeting brought ‘The high-tech and data-driven horticulture chain’ to life. 4TU members connected around the autonomous growth of fruits and vegetables based upon personalized health data from app users. They also discussed the development of federated data platforms, business and economic implications, and possible logistical solutions. Colleagues from three applied universities (hogescholen) in the Netherlands brainstormed about possible roles of their students to join into the programme. In addition, stakeholders critically reflected on the value, challenges and potential risks of the foreseen high-tech and data-driven chain. Overall, the focus on high-tech was much appreciated.