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Chemical Product Design

The PDEng-programme “Chemical Product Design” focuses on the development of structured materials, formulations, and devices for the specialty chemicals, personal care, health care, food, semiconductor, and energy sectors.

The extensive and rapid developments in chemical, molecular, materials, and nano engineering have made the development of a whole new range of functionalised and specialised products possible. Examples of such products include self-healing materials, high-precision catalysts, photovoltaic materials, high performance fibre composites, smart materials, self-assembling layers, rheological complex formulations, and functional membranes.

During the PDEng-traineeship “Chemical Product Design” trainees get the opportunity to deepen their domain knowledge in specific areas, strengthen engineering skills, and acquire know-how about designing these innovative products as well as successfully bringing them to the market.

PDEng degree

Trainees that successfully complete the Designer’s programme, receive a certified diploma and are entitled to use the academic degree Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng).


A certified Chemical product designer has in-depth knowledge of design processes, theoretical as well as practical, which clearly distinguishes him/her from a ‘normal’ MSc. Most PDEng graduates find excellent positions in industry, often within the company where the final design project was carried out.

Several relevant industries have contributed to the definition of the content and focus of the designer programme in Chemical Product Design, to ensure the significance of the PDEng-degree for the trainees future career. Trainees gain skills that industries require whilst obtaining two years of work experience. Besides design skills, trainees develop social skills working in multicultural teams.


Most of the introductory year is dedicated to advanced training and workshops in engineering design, social-economic aspects of design, as well as professional and business skills. The emphasis will be placed on the technical integration of disciplines, engineering design in an industrial context, and the recognition of the role technological product design plays in society. The first year will be concluded with a Group Design Project (GDP), in cooperation with industry. Besides the core programme of the first year, the trainee can select elective training modules in one of the five different profiles:

The second year of the traineeship consists of the Individual Design Project (IDP). The project is performed in, or in collaboration with, the product development department of an industrial partner. The IDP offers the perfect opportunity to apply all your knowledge, acquired during the first year of the traineeship.

More information

Learn more about this programme and how to apply by visiting the Chemical Product Design website.