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Resilience Engineering

SURF project Urban Resilience

In 2019, 4TU Centre for Resilience Engineering (4TU RE) started a new project which aims to develop, publish and use Open Educational Resources (OER) on Urban Resilience. With this project, 4TU RE wants to consistently include resilience thinking in the many different programmes and courses across the four universities of technology in the Netherlands. All engineers should understand RE challenges, both from an engineering and a social point of view.

What to achieve

The overall ambition is to educate the future generation of resilience engineers to be able to plan and design systems that are resilient to shocks, while being adaptive to changing trends and innovation. 

How to realise

  1. Share and develop OER focusing on Urban Resilience in deltas.
  2. Integrate OER in the different programmes offered by the four universities of technology in the Netherlands.
  3. Embed OER in 4TU RE as standard practice for scientific staff and use it as catalyst for further expansion.
  4. Build an international RE (teaching) community, in close collaboration with partners.

The OER materials will be designed to support blended learning. The aim is to publish conceptual teaching materials, comprehensive case studies and games for students. The teaching materials will be combined with educational guides, quiz questions and exercises. As such, the materials are suitable for a ‘mix and match’, to strengthen and improve existing courses over a broader range of disciplines. Recent insights in interactive and effective learning strategies will of course be used.

When available

The Urban Resilience Open Educational Resources (OER) platform of our 4TU RE Academy is now live! All different kind of materials are available, ranging from games, presentations and web lectures to case studies, theoretical materials and analytical tools. Please have a look!

This platform will be embedded in our website, on the Resources page. The first OER materials concerning Urban Resilience are already available via this website. Please check out the available OER Materials on Urban Resilience. 

Why this project