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Resilience Engineering

Arno Bonte

I have been a councilor in Rotterdam on behalf of the political party called GroenLinks since 5 July 2018. Within the Municipal Executive Committee I am primarily responsible for realizing the energy transition. The plan is to turn CO2 emissions from a steady increase into a significant decrease. I started my political career in 2005 as a councilor for a political party called GroenLinks in Rotterdam’s City Council. In 2010, I became the party leader for his party and was chairman of the group for four years. I was previously a spokesperson for the FNV and Milieudefensie. I also worked for the Drechtsteden cooperation region.

As a councilor, I provided more trees in the city and extra money for bicycle facilities. Together with local residents, I successfully fought against the speed increase on the A13 motorway through the city district called Overschie. I was born in the Bergpolder district, grew up in Blijdorp and now live in the center of Rotterdam.