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Artificial intelligence - bioethical, biolegal and social perspectives

Date/deadline: Wednesday, 31 July 2024

The open access journalĀ FutureĀ of Science andĀ EthicsĀ hosts theĀ Call for PapersĀ ā€“Ā ArtificialĀ intelligence:Ā bioethical,Ā biolegalĀ andĀ socialĀ perspectives.Ā 

We invite you to submit original articles in Italian and English, which focus on but not restricted to the following themes:

ā€“ theĀ ethicalĀ andĀ bioethicalĀ profiles of AI and related technologies;

ā€“ the redefinition of concepts such as ā€œautonomyā€, ā€œmoralityā€, ā€œemotionā€, ā€œintelligenceā€, etc., in light of new advances in the field of AI;

ā€“ the impact of AI on the processes and methodologies of scientific research and technological innovation;

ā€“ the implications of AI for the protection of personal data and, in general, for biolaw, especially for healthcare;

ā€“ the geopolitical repercussions of the development and commercialization of AI-based technologies;

ā€“ theĀ socialĀ impact of new technologies based on AI, from the job market to the manipulation of information and consent;

ā€“ the merits and limitations ofĀ ethicalĀ guidelines and AI regulations currently under discussion.

Contributions should be sent to the editorial staff no later thanĀ July 31, 2024, following the guidelines availableĀ here.

Issue 9/2024 will be released inĀ December 2024.

For more information, please contact Ludovica Marinucci ( and/or Marco Annoni (