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4TU.Energy will help to accelerate the transition of society to a carbon-neutral future by connecting and leveraging its energy community.

The Netherlands is aligning itself with the UN sustainability development goals concerning CO2 reduction, such as affordable and clean energy, climate action, and sustainable cities and communities. By formulating ambitions such as found in the Dutch Transition Agenda (to arrive at a circular economy in 2050) and by joining global agreements such as the Paris Climate Agreement (to decrease greenhouse gas emissions from 2020 onwards), we need to look ahead decades and plan for a CO2-neutral (or even negative) sustainable system for energy conversion as well as for chemicals, fuel, and materials production. As this transition will have far-reaching implications for our industry, economy and society, it is vital to build the required human capital, science and technology capacity as soon as possible.

The 4 universities boast a large, high quality energy research community, and it is our mission to connect and leverage the knowledge and expertise in these university communities to help accelerate the society's transition to a carbon-neutral future. In addition to our existing research and education capacities, 4TU also needs substantial additional human capital in some crucial areas, such as electrochemical conversion and storage, CO2 capture and storage, heat conversion and storage and geo-engineering. 4TU.Energy therefore aspires to increase the (structural, tenured) human capital and research infrastructures at the 4TUs. 

Below you find an overview of our specified goals, the partnerships we are part of and our work focus throughout a calendar year. The focus that we put in our work, guide our activities and events that we organize. Keep an eye on our news and events sections to keep up to date!