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4TU.Energy PhD course 2024

Monday 11 - 12 November 2024

Save your date: 4TU.Energy PhD course

4TU.Energy strives for the transition of society to a carbon-neutral future by offering support to research and education within 4 technical universities. One of the main scientific events to facilitate our education support is the annual PhD course.

The annual PhD course aims to enable knowledge transfer and build the capacity of young researchers to learn from and to reflect on timely energy topics, additionally, to facilitate PhD students to analyze energy transition from the lens of other research areas, such as social science. Each year the course program is curated by different experts on the program topics.

In 2023, 4TU.Energy has organized the first edition of the course and has received positive feedback. Looking back including the course program and scientific committee members can be found on the website here.

To further provide PhD students in 4TU.Energy community with insights in ‚ÄúSystem, Sustainability and Societal Aspects in the Energy Transition‚ÄĚ, the second edition is planned in November 2024 in the center of the Netherlands again.

This course is targeted to PhD students in TUDelft, TU/e, UTwente and WUR; students from other universities such as in RUG are also welcome, depending on the registration numbers (reserved seats are 45, and students from 4TUs have priority). In the first edition (last year), 19 participants were from TU/e, 8 were from WUR, 7 from TU Delft, 3 from UTwente, and also 3 from RUG. We look forward to a better balance between 4TUs.

With a different program content and speakers; the course format will be similar as the first edition: a combination of presentations, lectures, and workshops covering the perspectives on both social science and as well as innovative technology in conjunctive 2 days. This course will be provided by academic researchers and different stakeholders from industry/company, municipalities, and governmental bodies.

In addition to acquiring a broader perspective and understanding of energy topics on an academic level, the PhD candidates will also receive the opportunity to improve their soft skills - pitch skills. The online pitch training will be offered by a professional external trainer in advance of the course, the skills can be put into practice during the pitch session on the course.

Date : 11 and 12 November 2024

Place : NH Utrecht hotel (Jaarbeursplein, 24, 3521 AR Utrecht Nederland)

Subject: System, Sustainability, and Societal Aspects in the Energy Transition (3SET)

Fee: the 2 days course and pre-course pitch training are free; but a no-show-up fee will be charged 

Overall Learning Objective:  

-          Describe system, sustainability and societal complexity in the context of the energy transition;

-          Analyse the effects of technical, economic, societal and governance influences on the energy transition;

-          Discuss future opportunities/requirements to achieve the energy transition goals.


- this course offers no ECTS, but offers a certificate on which the learning hours and content will be indicated; so you can ask for ECTS at your university if needed.

- this course is 2 days intensive academic program, 2 days' full day presence will be the mandatory requirement for your registration

- this high-level course will cover both a technical perspective and a social-science perspective in the energy transition, but on a broad scope; students with either technical or societal backgrounds are all welcome

- once the registration is open, max. 45 students (according to the registration time) will be enrolled in this program, FULL = FULL

More details including the program and registration form will follow soon.