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From Food to Fabric

19 October | Wageningen

Plus Ultra II, Wageningen Campus

Join us for the first event in the 4TU. Circular Economy Roadshow series, focusing on food and textile waste. What are the challenges and opportunities related to closing the cycle in the food and fashion industry? And what are the Wageningen-born solutions that will soon change those sectors? Come to hear the first-hand stories from the researchers and entrepreneurs related to the Wageningen University & Research. This event is brought to you by StartHub Wageningen, TTT and WUR Student Challenges.


15:30   What the f... is circular biobased economy? Introduction by Maurits Burgering

15:35   Let’s Talk Food Waste by Hilke Bos-Brouwers (WUR) & TBD

16:10   Let’s  Talk Textile Waste by Paulien Harmsen (WUR) & Bart van Gorcum (Circular Dreams)

17:00   Drinks & networking


Suraj Jamge PhD is our moderator for the Circular Roadshow event. He works as an Innovation Scout for circular technologies at WUR. His expertise is in Agri & Food domain and scouts for early stages ideas & technologies arising from scientists, PhDs and entrepreneurs and supports them in the road map towards value creation.

Maurits Burgering PhD is the program Director for Thematic Technology Transfer - Circular Technology, a national program in partnership with the 4TUs and TNO. His expertise expands from food, nutrition, biophysics to biobased resources and he extensively works with circular biobased innovations and fosters new venture creation activities.

Hilke Bos-Brouwers PhD is a senior scientist & project leader for sustainable chains for food & biobased resources at Wageningen University & Research. Her passion lies in sustainability, environmental management and food chain efficiencies. She has  extensively worked on the topic of food waste through several national and international  research programmes.

Paulien Harmsen is a senior scientist at Wageningen University & Research, specializing in sustainable textiles & biorefinery. Her expertise and passion lies in Circular textiles, especially fashion, recycling, biobased and fossil-free fibres. Her background is chemical engineering (material science of organic materials).

Register here (you can join the event live at the Wagenignen Campus or watch the livestream on-line)