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4TU.Circular Economy Roadshow

4TU. Invites you to join events highlighting the most exciting projects related to the transition to a biobased circular economy at each of the technical universities.  From food, to textile, design, new materials and energy, we will cover the full spectrum.

As the call for a circular, biobased economy is getting louder and louder, top scientists and students at 4TU are working on solutions to make a reality. Would you like to have a look behind the scenes and learn today about the ideas that will shape our future? Join the 4TU. Circular Economy Roadshow.

Each event will be hosted by a different university, showcasing its most promising initiatives. There will be space for insights from academia and local start-ups as well as networking and exchanging the ideas. And if you get inspired to do more, you can join the ReThink Waste Challenge either as a participant, a coach or a partner.

Interested? Check out some pictures from the From Food to Fabric event of Wageningen below to get a feel about what the events are like!