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Willem van Meurs
Research fellow 2017 - Designing neonatal patient simulators for medical emergency training
Weston Baxter
Research fellow 2017 - Abstracting principles of contaminated interaction
Philip van Allen
Research fellow 2017 - Developing tools for designing Smart Collaborative Things
Kees Dorst
Visiting professor 2017 - Evaluating Research Through Design as an approach to scientific inquiry
Nicola d'Apuzzo
Research fellow 2017 - Maximising the potential for research in 3D Body Scanning Technology
Fahim Kawsar
Visiting professor 2017 - Decoding human behaviour to design user-centred systems for the Internet of Things
Franck Celhay
Research Fellow 2017 - Legitimising graphic design as a knowledge profession
Joris van Tubergen
Visiting professor 2017 - Exploring the possibilities of product design through digital fabrication
Iskander Smit
Visiting Professor 2017 - Designing the future of intelligent cities
Sander Stomph
Visiting professor 2017 - Embracing design doing in large organisations
Anna Vallgårda
Research Fellow 2016 - 2017 Designing new material expressions for computational things
Francesca Valsecchi
Research Fellow 2015 - Understanding the role of culture in design
Gail Kenning
Research Fellow 2015 - Improving quality of life for the elderly and people with dementia
Shinji Sudo
Research Fellow 2015-2016 - Fostering a global culture of diversity
William Odom
Research Fellow 2015-2016 - Creating meaningful engagements with technology over time
Jan Hendrik Croockewit
Visiting Professor 2015 - 2016 - Designing a soul in the solution
Chris Speed
Research Fellow 2015 - Designing with data derived from the Internet of Everyday Things
Fernando Secomandi
Research Fellow 2015 - Redefining service design through philosophy
Pelle Ehn
Research Fellow 2015 - Examining the role of design in enhancing democracy in the margins of society
Ron Wakkary
Visiting Professor 2014 - 2015 - Designing for the everyday with everyday designers
Michael Bas
Visiting Professor 2014 - 2015 - Connecting game developers and researchers through design
Ingeborg Griffioen
Visiting Professor 2014 - 2015 Creating a more effective and intuitive healthcare system through the power of design
Jeroen Raijmakers
Visiting Professor 2014 - 2015 - Advanced solutions for complex and connected ecosystems in healthcare
Kirsi Niinimaki
Research Fellow 2014 - Achieving sustainability in fashion through design
Pertti Saariluoma
Research Fellow 2014 - Understanding human thinking through emerging technologies
Priscilla Chueng Nainby
Research Fellow 2014 - Achieving social innovations through co-design