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Inventory Health

Researchers from 4TU Design United have conducted inventory studies on safety, mobility, health, water and circular & biobased construction, the themes of the Design Research & Innovation Festival DRIVE. The studies show which research projects are ongoing and what the knowledge questions are for the future within the various domains.

 Citizen Science for Health
An inventory study into the challenges of citizen science for health

Sabine Wildevuur, Paulien Melis, Designlab, UTwente

 Research and set-up
Citizen science for health involves citizens in the various steps of the research process and has its own dynamics in relation to other research areas. It includes personal and medical data in which privacy and ethics play an important role. This is why ‘citizen science for health’ requires a separate approach.

The research included an inventory of current research projects as well as good practices. Next to that interviews were held and an interactive session was organized with researchers. The collected information was analyzed and has resulted in recommendations for new design-related research and new collaboration structures.

A livestream of DRIVE health can be found here: