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Geist is a family of connected objects for people living outside their native country. The Geist family of objects consists of the Radio, the Clock, and the Calendar. These are everyday objects that help expat families develop and maintain a sense of connectedness and belonging. By adjusting the knob of the Radio, a family can navigate a bespoke spectrum of radio channels that ranges from their native country to the place where they currently reside or any other place a family may feel socially and culturally connected to. The Radio acts as a transponder, setting coordinates as point of reference for the other Geist objects. If a family adjusts the knob on a frequency of their hometown, for example, the Radio will transmit local radio streams, the Clock will set on a different time zone and glow in the colours of the sky back home, and the Calendar will print out the date with local headlines. The mundane performance of turning the dial to transverse the space in between 'homes' physically manifests and bridges the chasm that defines the social and cultural experience of being an expat. It is through these small, everyday performances that expats reconcile and negotiate their sense of belonging and identity.


Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology
Company: The Incredible Machine


Elisa Giaccardi, Elvin Karana
Researchers: Marieke Gl├Âss, Patrizia DÔÇÖOlivo, Holly Robbins
Contributing student: Fabian Bitter


e.giaccardi [at] tudelft . nl