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Subtle Technology

A ringing telephone, your computer screen โ€“ they are designed to claim your full attention. Saskia Bakker designed the operable lights called FireFlies in the context of her research into less intrusive, or โ€œambientโ€, technology. The lights have been tested in primary schools. The teacher can control them per child or for the whole group.
For example, while helping one child, the teacher can give a light signal to another child who has raised his or her finger, indicating that he will come over soon. Or the teacher can warn or praise a child while the class is quietly at work.
In her work Bakker uses psychological theories of attention. โ€œI think designers should really consider how much attention their designs claim from the users.โ€


Eindhoven University of Technology
Salto-basisschool Reigerlaan
PC Basisschool De Sonnewijzer


Dr. ir. Saskia Bakker, Eindhoven University of Technology, design-researcher;
Dr. Elise van den Hoven, University of Technology Sydney and Eindhoven University of Technology, daily supervisor;
Prof. dr. ir. Berry Eggen, Eindhoven University of Technology, promotor

Contact and Information

Saskia Bakker
s.bakker [at] tue . nl

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