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Now You See Me

I see you, I try to catch your eye. Now I see you seeing me. I even see you seeing me seeing you. I let my gaze slide for a moment, but will soon watch you again.
When two people meet they automatically make contact. Eva Deckers wants machines to be able to play the same game. “I want the machine to sense your presence.
I want it to notice whether or not it holds your attention. And even that it seduces you to make contact.” Deckers is investigating how design can bring about such interaction. She uses experimental set-ups that react to humans through light. “First the lights follow your movements, then they try to entice you to come near.”


Eindhoven University of Technology

People Eva Deckers, PhD candidate; Pierre Lévy, daily supervisor; Stephan Wensveen, co-promotor; Rene Ahn, expert; Caroline Hummels, first promotor; Loe Feijs, second promotor;
inspired by late Prof.dr. Kees Overbeeke;
Koen Beljaars BSc., designer LUMA

Contact and Information

Eva Deckers
eva [at] perceptivequalities . com

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