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Massage Using Air

“A masterly piece of feel-good science, this massage chair,” Peter Vink winks. “heaps of expertise and tests were required to arrive at this design.” Knowledge of physiotherapists, who know that massaging upward feels good. And from BMW, who have the knowledge about which materials can be used in a car. Extensive tests have been carried out investigating whether the driver appreciates the massage and whether it makes him sleepy.

BMW wanted a new massage chair because the existing models using electric motors are very heavy – especially for the luxury electric car, where every kilo counts. This design uses air: a little pump inflates alternating bubbles.


Delft University of Technology
Munich University of Technology


Prof. Peter Vink, Technische Universiteit Delft;
Dr. Matthias Franz, TU Munich

Contact and Information

Peter Vink
P.Vink [at] tudelft . nl 

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