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Smell Memory Kit


G-Motiv is a multidisciplinary project aiming to develop new approaches to behavioural change on a physical, mental, and social level. The project has partners in science, design and application fields. Besides increasing the scientific knowledge on the motivational effect of game-elements, the project will generate dedicated Product-System-Service prototypes in the fields of addiction therapy, elderly care and human resources. Ultimately, the project aims to stimulate structural behavioural change of the user.

“In a playful setting people feel free and committed. We use these positive effects in our project to bring about behavioural changes in the real world,” says Valentijn Visch. The project uses knowledge from the serious gaming industry.

Smell memory kit and kindred spirits

The storytelling, smell-memory kit: The Molecules That Matter, uses the associative power of smell as a research medium to explore memories of addiction patients. From the smell of marijuana, to that of rain or ripe fruit, participants experience and talk about the associations that these smells evoke, thus sharing their personal stories with each other. These sensory exercises led to the design of the Kindred Spirits species; design probes which allowed patients and staff to talk about underlying behaviours and motivations surrounding treatment in Mistral rehabilitation clinic. In an interplay between the mundane and the fantastic, the project balances real needs with imagined desires, building on sensory experiences to encourage the contemplation of future alternatives, of relevance to the promotion of long-term behavioural change in the context of addiction therapy. 


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Susana Camara Leret
Dr. Valentijn Visch

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Susana Camara Leret
Dr. Valentijn Visch
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