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Can you feel it?

A stiff neck, pressure in the forehead: the body gives warning signals when stress levels at work become too high. These signals are often ignored, however. In this relaxation space people get a chance to feel how they are doing. โ€œThe visitor can use the space as he or she likes,โ€ says Evelien van de Garde. โ€œFor example, the music has the rhythm of a calm breath. This can be used in breathing exercises. Of course you can also just sit and relax.โ€ The design is the result of a big research project on stress in the workplace. Many specialists were involved, from health and safety officers to psychologists and relaxation coaches. The space has been tested at Philips.ย 

The yellow Little Devil is another design from this project. The longer the user spends in his office chair, the more restless Little Devil becomes โ€“ until he becomes impossible to ignore. In this way he reminds you to take regular exercise.


Philips Design
Design Academy Eindhoven
Eindhoven University of Technology
Delft University of Technology


Bas Raijmakers, Design Academy Eindhoven, projectleader;
Dirk Snelders, Eindhoven University of Technology, project leader;
Geert Christiaansen, Philips Design, project leader;
Petra Badke-Schaub, Delft University of Technology, project leader;
Evelien van de Garde-Perik, EindhovenUniversity of Technology;
Helle Ullerup, Philips Design;
Luc Geurts, Philips Design;
Marie Perez, Philips Design;
Mike Thompson, Design Academy Eindhoven;
Anja Janssen, Philips Design;
Adam Henriksson, Designer Relaxation Space;
Federico Trevia, Designer Relaxation Space;
Rhys Duindam, Designer Little Devil

Contact and Information

Evelien van de Garde-Perik
e.m.v.d.garde [at] tue . nl

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