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Tactile Dialogues

Smart textile services

Intertwine the traditions from the textile industry with the newest technology and what you get is the best of both worlds. That is a starting-point of Wearable senses, one of the themes within Industrial Design at the TU/e. Bedtime stories and Vigour are two showcase results of an intensive cooperation between designers and people from the textile and electronics industries.

Tactile dialogues

The language capabilities of people with dementia may rapidly deteriorate. This textile cushion was designed to communicate in a novel way, using touch. It is big enough to be placed on two laps at the same time. The cushion contains vibration motors that react to touch; stroking the textile produces a soft vibration on the other side of the cushion. By playing together the client and care giver, or family members, may together develop their own ‘language’. The cushion can be used in a nursing home, or can be rented out to clients to be used in their own home. Employees of an eldercare organisation, electronic engineers and partners from textile industry are involved in realizing this product and service.


De Wever
Optima Knit BV


Martijn ten Bhömer, Eindhoven University of Technology, PhD candidate
Dr. Oscar Tomico, Eindhoven University of Technology, supervisor
Dr. Maaike Kleinsmann, Delft University of Technology Caroline Hummels, Eindhoven University of Technology, promotor

Contact and Information

Martijn ten Bhömer
m.t.bhomer [at]
Download the Smart Textile poster here.

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