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Play and Move

Crammed between a nursing home and a primary school in Delft lies a playground. Not an ordinary playground, but a field lab. The playground is specially designed to test new play concepts. For example, cameras have been installed that allow designers of play objects to see how visitors use their objects.

Thomas Hartong of Yalp: “As a company, we can thoroughly test our ideas here. This leads to a better design.” Dyno is one of these designs, intended for children as well as the elderly. Touch screens mounted on seven little posts allow visitors to choose what game to play. One of the options is Matti, a social arithmetic game. The games are designed to make people both think and move.

The playground in Delft is one of the field labs of the ProFit project – a European project for sports innovation. Scientists are also involved in the project. They do for example research about the effect of field labs on people’s health conditions.


Sports and Technology;
University of Ulster;
Delft University of Technology;
Eindhoven University of Technology;
Sheffield Hallam University;
Howest University College West Flanders;
City of Kortrijk;
City of Eindhoven;
City of Delft;
Sheffield City Council


Eindhoven University of Technology: Tilde Bekker, research supervisor;
MSc. Pelin Atasoy, PhD candidate;
Delft University of Technology:
Dr. Lu Yuan, research supervisor;
Mathieu Gielen, design reseacher;
MSc. Fenne van Doorn, PhD candidate;
Dr. Daan Bregman, workpackage 2 leader;

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Sports and Technology
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