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Judging Without Words

You want a group of children to evaluate a game, or workers at a sheltered workshop to assess their work. In these cases a questionnaire is too boring and too difficult. This INEA app evaluates activities in a playful non-linguistic manner. The little figures act out experiences, like ‘bored’, ‘lively’, or ‘exciting’. The user chooses which figure expresses his feelings most accurately. The app is in development – the researcher fine-tune it with the help of the users. “Depicting feelings through animations and sounds is tricky. We are now testing in practice whether people understand what the figures express,” say the researchers. The app is available for free in the App Store.


Delft University of Technology
KlevR Sound design


Dr. ing. Marco Rozendaal, design researcher;
Dr. ir Arnold Vermeeren, design researcher

Contact and Information

inea [at] shapers . nl
Marco Rozendaal
m.c.rozendaal [at] tudelft . nl
Arnold Vermeeren
a.p.o.s.vermeeren [at] tudelft . nl

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