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Designing for Maintenance

What if a part breaks? This question is often overlooked when designing large machines or production lines. This is remarkable because maintenance and repairs can be costly – apart from the cost of a machine being out of order. It is therefore worthwhile to investigate whether smart design can facilitate quicker and cheaper maintenance. Smart design can be anything. Such as a simple piece of glass covering a drive belt, allowing immediate checking if the belt is broken. But also a complex monitoring system that gives a warning signal when parts are wearing, thus allowing a better planning of maintenance. Wienik Mulder made a overview of design rules that support the design or improvement of installations.


University of Twente
Lloyd’s Register Foundation
Various companies


University of Twente: Ir. Wienik Mulder, PhD candidate; J.I. Basten, supervisor; Juan M. Jauregui Becker, supervisor; Leo A. M. van Dongen, supervisor;
Ir. Jeroen Blok, co-developer; Sipke Hoekstra, co-developer;
Ir. Frans G. M. Kokkeler, co-developer

Contact and Information

Wienik Mulder
w.mulder [at] utwente . nl

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