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Mobile landscape

Modern life demands people to be more and more mobile. However, increased mobility causes air pollution and traffic congestion. It is therefore necessary to develop novel mobility solutions.

Much everyday travel concerns ‘normal traffic’, i.e., trips covering relatively short distances in urban areas, such as shopping, visiting a doctor or seeing a friend. While such travel is often too far to cover on foot, using a regular car, which is designed for ‘fast traffic’, is unnecessary. The technical requirements for normal traffic can be totally different than those for fast traffic.

In this project, concepts of sustainable normal traffic solutions are studied, designed, built and/or tested in natural environments. Among the areas of attention will be electrical mobility solutions for elderly with reduced physical abilities. In addition, the general process of mobility innovation, which involves many stakeholders with different interests, will be studied.


Universiteit Twente
Roessingh R&D
Zorggroep Tellens


University of Twente:
ir. Rick Schotman, Dept. Engineering Technology, PhD candidate;
ir. Vera Bulsink, Dept. of Engineering Technology, PhD candidate
ir. Hielke Kiewiet, Dept. of Engineering Technology, Research Assistant;
prof. dr. ir. Bart Koopman, Dept. of Engineering Technology, Promotor;
prof. dr. ir. Arthur Eger, Dept. Engineering Technology, promotor;
Dr. ir. Geke Ludden, Dept. Engineering Technology, co-promotor.

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Rick Schotman

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