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Ultra-light urban mobility

Development and usage of alternative kinds of vehicles that are portable and earth-friendly.

This project is an exploration of Drive-by-Wire (DbW) technology on two wheels. The DbW technology is a relatively new technology in the automotive industry. It enables the automotive industry to improve safety, comfort and ergonomics.

The DbW technology primarily meant for improving safety, comfort and ergonomics. On the other hand, from a designer’s point of view a different major advantage arises: DbW gives rise to an enormous flexibility in vehicle design. DbW in combination with all electric drive trains enables the development of flat universal platforms. On top of these platforms all kinds of vehicle design are possible. However, the advantages of DbW technology have not yet been applied to two-wheel vehicles. In collaboration with the Personal mobility research theme at Applied labs, the aim of this project was to develop the BY-WIRE universal platform.

The BY-WIRE is a flat, electrically driven universal platform, which uses drive-by?wire technology. The aim of the BY?WIRE platform is to form a base for all kinds of upper bodies, not just for scooters but also for a much wider range of two?wheeled vehicles. For earlier versions Wilmer van Kampen and Gijsbert de Kam undertook two MSc. Graduation projects 

Download the full Projectposter (PDF, 0.2Mb)

Project leader: ir. Satish kumar Beela

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