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Train toilet

What types of toilet design can improve train toilet hygiene?

Train toilets are perceived to be dirty. People avoid using it, or even avoid taking the train because of the toilets. One of the reasons why train toilets become dirty is because the train shakes and the users have difficulties maintaining their posture. This project investigates what types of toilet design can improve train toilet hygiene.

A full-scale train toilet mock-up was created to test various designs. To solve the problem of spilling caused by urinating in a standing position while the train moves, a urinal was integrated into the design. Additional facilities were developed for seniors, wheelchair users and parents with small children, such as brackets, toddler steps, a diaper changing table and a toilet seat with a wide rim for extra support. These innovations improve train toilet hygiene so that taking the train becomes more attractive.

Download the full Projectposter (PDF, 0.3Mb)

Project leader: Marian Loth

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