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Hidden health

Understanding consumers' decision making

In the food industry, the struggle for competitive advantage is fierce. Food companies strive to regularly innovate food products and packaging. However, many new product/packaging combinations either fail or never even make it to the market.
‘Hidden Health’ aims to gain insight into how consumers choose food products. In a number of experiments, consumers looked at a number of dairy products displayed on a ‘Virtual shelf’ (a computer screen) and made their choices. By changing the design of the package, the influence of various package properties on consumers’ choices was tested.
The results of the experiments are used to develop a toolbox that will help designers develop new food packaging. In addition, the toolbox, will facilitate the communication between the food marketeer and the package designer. Eventually, consumers may also benefit, as well-designed food packaging may help them choose healthier foods.


University of Twente;
Friesland Campina;
University of Utrecht.


M.M. Gelici-Zeko, MSc, Dept. Engineering Technology, University of Twente, PhD candidate;
L.N. van der Laan, MSc, Image Sciences Institute, University Medical Centre Utrecht, PhD candidate; R. ten Klooster, Dept. Engineering Technology, University of Twente, promoter;
prof. dr. ir. Max A. Viergever, Image Sciences Institute, University Medical Center Utrecht, promoter;
prof. dr. Denise T. D. de Ridder, Dept. Clinical and Health Psychology, Utrecht University, promoter;
dr. Pascalle Weijzen, Friesland Campina, project leader.

Financed by

Friesland Campina

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