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Fri 23 Oct 2020
Crisis! - Design United talkshow
The role of design during the COVID-19 pandemic is one of a number of timely case studies which will be debated. But beyond corona, how does the designer’s practical response to a crisis relate to longer term research and solutions? How might designers create sustainable solutions from the very beginning of the design process - building in resilience to future shocks?
Thu 22 Oct 2020
Silent Power - Design United talkshow
Silent Power is about both the intentional and unintentional change design can cause in individuals and in society.
Wed 21 Oct 2020
Living Matters - Design United talkshow
We may be living in a Digital Age but we continue to inhabit a material world and physical artefacts still play an important role in design research.
Tue 20 Oct 2020
Eco-Logica - Design United talkshow
On the contrary, designers and the products they create, originate and function within complex environments or ecologies consisting of multiple people, products and systems which are entangled, unpredictable and interdependent. This presents a complex design conundrum: what constitutes an ecology and who or what should be included? How might designers set boundaries around complex design spaces? And how might we change such ecologies through particular design interventions?
Mon 19 Oct 2020 / 13.00 - 00.00
Hybrids - Design United talkshow
The Digital Age in which we live is morphing the identities of designed artefacts.
Sat 19 11.00 until 27 Oct 2019 18.00
Opening Exhibition Design United
Wed 22 09.00 until 23 Nov 2017 19.00
IDEMC7: Thing-Centered Design
Elisa Giaccardi, Professor Interactive Media Design, IDE, TU Delft
Wed 18 09.00 until 19 Oct 2017 17.30
IDEMC6: New Product Marketing
Erik Jan Hultink, Professor New Product Marketing, IDE, TU Delft Roland van der Vorst, Professor Strategic Design for Brand Development, IDE, TU Delft
Wed 20 09.30 until 21 Sep 2017 17.30
IDEMC5: Service Design
Dirk Snelders, Professor of Organising Product and Service Design, IDE, TU Delft Froukje Sleeswijk Visser, Assistant Professor service design and co-design, IDE, TU Delft