Math summer school for engineering

The UT faculty of Engineering Technology offers three bachelor’s programmes. Math is an essential skill for students to succeed. A high school Math (B) grade of 7 is often a tipping point for success. Students applying with a Math B grade of 7 or less are advised to enter the Math Summer School before their enrollment.  This is a one week programme developed by UT’s Twente Academy. During the Math Summer School relevant high school math topics are repeated at a quick pace.  The week has an initial test and a second test to determine progress in Math. After that, students receive a non-compulsory advice and a matching-type meeting with a staff member of the faculty.

The Math Summer School’s results over 5 years (2009-2013) were recently evaluated. No obvious correlation between progress in the Summer School and math grades in the bachelor’s programmes was found. The feedback from students is the main reason to continue with the Math Summer School: their feedback includes ‘offered me better preparation’; ‘gave me a wake-up call’; ‘made me realize I needed extra support’. 

More information can be found on the website (in Dutch)

This is an innovation from the Faculty of Engineering Technology, focusing on math competencies and study success for three undergraduate (BSc) programmes: Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering & Management, and Industrial Design Engineering.Math summer school is meant to create awareness of any deficiencies in prerequisite knowledge and skills in high school mathematics. And to give students an indication of their chance to successfully complete one of the engineering BSc programmes.

This innovation has a good role to play in the process of matching, and students are very positive about this Masterclass; because of students becoming aware of requirements, they are better prepared for their studies. 

  • On-campus stay of students, including lodging and evening programme
  • Final individual evaluation and matching talks with students by study advisors