Skills learning trajectories

Skills learning trajectories at the bachelor level


Several bachelor programmes have started to implement skills learning trajectories into their education, in order to enhance students’ academic skills. Learning trajectories are a coherent composition of teaching content, activities and assessments throughout the bachelor phase that are aimed at improving a specific skill. More specifically, most bachelor programmes at the WUR focus on academic writing skills, oral presentation skills, collaboration, and information literacy skills.


The objective of this project is to evaluate the design and implementation of these learning trajectories for skills education. The project is divided in two phases. In the first phase, the process of the implementation is investigated: what choices were made before implementing the learning trajectory and why, and which factors promote or hinder a successful implementation? The second phase aims at evaluating the effect of the learning trajectories on students’ skills development, on students’ and teachers’ perceptions of students’ learning processes, and on the bachelor programme as a whole.


The final goal of this project is to be able to provide recommendations to (other) bachelor programmes on how to successfully implement learning trajectories.  


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