Interdisciplinary Presentations in Bachelor End Projects


In the proposed project, the goal is to develop a program for Bachelor End Project students that allows them to do their project in their own departments, but present their work in an interdisciplinary group with students of multiple departments. The short-term effect of this program is that it enables students to learn to communicate their research findings with peers in other fields. The long-term effect is that it better prepares those students for their professional careers in which they will need to be able to communicate with specialists from different domains.


The main objective of the project is that students learn to communicate about their work to peers with different backgrounds. In order to achieve this, students need to be given the right tools and support that helps them develop this new skill. Students from three educational programs will participate in the project. These three educational programs were chosen to represent a large variety of engineers, with Psychology and Technology students with a strong experimental research focus, Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences students with a strong design focus, and Mechanical Engineering students with a strong technological focus.


In sum, the project enables students to become more experienced in interdisciplinary settings, which allows them to develop as our engineers of the future. Since most of our students will not do this through student teams or projects in Innovation Space, requiring them to present their research findings to peers from different disciplines is a viable alternative. Ultimately this will make our graduates able to communicate better in the multidisciplinary environments in which they will find their careers.