How to implement student driven learning in the bachelor phase of Technical Medicine


I tried to implement student driven learning in the bachelor phase of technical medicine. In the master and PhD phase you see that students are almost always intrinsically motivated to learn. In the bachelor phase, many students still have competing interests. I investigated methods to challenge a large group of bachelor students (125) of technical medicine to become (more) motivated in student centred activities (instead of listening to traditional classical lectures) and how technical facilities, like digital exams can be used as tools for this purpose.


Student driven learning is a relative new way of learning in which “classical“ education, with mainly plenary lectures given by teachers (in which the students play a “passive” role), is shifted to student centred learning in which students take an active role/are responsible for their learning.

The intention of this project is to develop student centred material which can be used in module 6 of Technical Medicine (The cardio-respiratory system) of which I am the module-coordinator to investigate how a mind change/mood change can be introduced in education.

Research Question: ''Can traditional lectures in the bachelor phase of the study Technical Medicine be replaced by more student centred activities with equal or improved knowledge exchange?''