Stakeholders in the Development of a Learning Environment

Impact and depencies


This research focussed on gaining insight in which stakeholders are involved in the design of a learning environments. This information is used to propose an approach and tool that stimulates collaboration between stakeholders, and facilitates gaining insight in the perspective of the other stakeholders. This information can be visualized so that the impact and dependencies of decisions can be communicated and discussed. The provided tool aims to come to a more predictable and robust learning environment, with the rationale on how this is related to the form of education, available resources, educational programme, etc. This tool will support the decision-making process towards the most appropriate learning environment.


To achieve my goal with SUTQ – getting more grasp on my research into education –, I approached this research as part of a bigger whole. I was already busy with learning environments before I joint SUTQ and used this trajectory to get a better underpinning and approach to my activities. This means that for me this research is not finished after SUTQ. But with the knowledge gained during this trajectory, I think that I’m more capable of determining the right next steps to take. I feel being more in control on ‘doing the rights things’, than only on ‘doing the things right’.


An approach to make all the information visible and to relate information to each other can be found in the use of graph overviews. These information repositories relate information to each other by adding meta data to the collected information. This meta data will consist of adding tags that contain information about the relation of information to the provided data from each individual stakeholder or external source. Since the number of relations is endless, and not predetermined, everybody can add the information from their own perspective. Navigation through the information can be done from every perspective.