Optimising Student-driven Learning (SdL)

through framework for tailoring personal student paths


My SUTQ project offers a framework for helping students to deal with possible knowledge gaps and personal interests in order to match the defined learning goals of academic courses but improving at the same time their engagement with the specific topic.

Firstly, a literature research has been conducted on the modern and successful techniques of Student-driven Learning (SdL) for identifying best practices to use and possible pitfalls to avoid. Secondly, an analysis of the target group has been carried out. Thirdly, the research identified which are the most effective way to create such a tool to take into account the possible entry points of the students. Finally, the framework has been evaluated by representatives of the target group.


Embedding Student-driven Learning (SdL) in a course is not an easy job. The framework developed during my research has been designed to be scalable and easily adaptable to different course levels. Checking in advance their actual level of pre-knowledge and, based on that, creating personalised paths for compensating the existing gaps will bring benefits in terms of student performance.