Classroom of the Future

Facilitating the interactive learning experience of your students

Designed for interaction

The classroom of the future (CotF) is new classroom created at our university. It was designed and created with the goal to optimize the usage of modern and effective didactical methods in education.

The implementation of the Twente Education Model (TOM) created a growing need for a classroom which supports and facilitates modern didactical approaches.

The CotF is designed to enhance project team collaboration and project work. It creates a more student driven learning experience in a very open setting.


The objective of the classroom is to create a classroom which fully supports modern didactical methods. Multidisciplinary teamwork on a project is very essential part of a TOM Module.

A classroom which combines

  • A plenary space (see picture above) for instruction, and
  • A number of group working spaces with modern technology that facilitate multidisciplinay group work.

The classroom is also flexible in design. It is possible to create group spaces with the flexible “walls” that are available in the room. In general the CotF should be an open setting which enhances collaboration between students.


The classroom of the future was designed with multiple stakeholders taken into account. Lecturers as well as students, and our IT specialists and educational specialists all had a say in the creation of the classroom.

Teachers who want to use the CotF will be provided with additional instruction and advice since the education in the CotF differs from general education.

The CotF is unsuitable for the traditional lecture format. The role of the teacher changes to that of a coach or facilitator. Therefore it is important to take into account the organizational implementation of such a new room in your courses.

Elements of the Classroom of the Future

The classroom of the future was designed with a relatively small plenary area and with a large number of group work spaces. Summing it all up, the CotF has been equipped with the following:

  • Plenary space: you can seat a maximum of 30 to 40 students here. You can use the video wall or use multiple interactive screens.
  • Group spaces: enclosures for a maximum of six students. They can use the interactive LCD screen and “analog” whiteboards.
  • Video wall: for presenting in the plenary space the video wall is used.
  • Large interactive LCD screens. These can be used as normal computer screens or as a wireless presentation screen (via Wepresent software)
  • Lighting: in each section of the CotF the lights can be regulated.
  • Software and applications: the LCD screens basically are standard Windows computers. For wireless presenting the Wepresent software can be used. 


The whole idea of creating the CotF was driven by prof dr Jos van Hillegersberg. He was the initiator of the Classroom of the Future and the very first active user, together with his group of students.

To get a proper understanding of the way teaching and learning takes place in the Classroom of the Future you can watch our video that we created with this first group of students and Jos van Hillegersberg.

Watch the video by scanning the QR code.

Next steps

Are you interested in using the Classroom of the Future? Using it for education is free of charge. Bookings should be done through the selfservice portal of LISA.