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4TU.Built Environment has developed a roadmap to increase innovation in the building sector. The roadmap is organized around four themes, which will form the basis for four Joint Research Units (JRU) of 4TU.Built Environment, in which the departments bring together their relevant research projects.

The four Joint Research Units are:

  1. City infrastructures
  2. Integrated building
  3. Multifunctional design
  4. Resource efficiency

Within the JRU’s all initiatives are supported by at least three building departments and the topics are always chosen in close collaboration with the building sector. In this 4TU.Built Environment follows a bottom up approach, because only in joint projects synergy between different departments can be found. 4TU.Built Environment will support research units by facilitating new joint initiatives and by organizing events where researchers and practitioners can meet and exchange ideas. Moreover 4TU.Built Environment will act is a representative in (inter)national research programs and discussions about the future of the building sector.